Wrath of the Lich King - Emblem of Heroism Quartermaster

Today I have added 45 items from the Emblem of Heroism Quartermaster that may be found in Dalaran, either on the Silver Enclave (Alliance) or the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary (Horde). The Emblems of Heroism are obtained from bosses in Heroic-mode dungeons throughout Northrend.

So what’s the deal with these items? You get two Conqueror items: gloves and chest. There are some good trinkets, Librams, Relics and necks. Weapons and Shoulders. The most notorious items are the new introduced Bind on Account (BOA) which you can mail to any of your alt-characters.  These items can be used from level 1-80 and help increase the amount of XP you gain and/or heal yourself for 2% of your health upon killing a mob that yields experience or honor.

Stay tuned for the next couple of days. The next content on Blizzplanet will be the Emblems of Valor Quartermaster items; followed by the Fur Trader in dalaran that offers a lot of leatherworking recipes in exchange of Northrend fur and leather. I have been speeding up showing the Quartermaster items to be more at ease once I go to BlizzCon, to focus only on Blizzcon media and info. See ya at BlizzCon.

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