This may be more appropriate for a blog, but I will comment it here.  A fan, acquirous, contacted me few minutes ago with the following question:

How can I capture wow gameplay on OS X?

Very good question.  I have recorded World of Warcraft gameplay on my Windows XP computer using GameCam.  I remember asking them to port to Mac, but since the software is still in development and they don’t have personel to develop it, the answer was no plans now.

I personally do not have Mac OS X, and would love to, but I feel the pain of those Mac buddies asking themselves Acquirous’ question.  I am a Mac user myself for last fourteen years.

I had no answer for Acquirous.  I usually like to reply fans with something informative, so I started my online search.  By chance I found something that sounds like a software that could be used to record World of Warcraft gameplay from the desktop.  However, it doesn’t offer sound recording.  Next version upgrade will aim to add sound. The demo only allows 15 seconds of recording so that you may experiment.

Download the demo from:

I just emailed the developers of Screen Mimic 1.2.1 to find out.  Stay tuned for their reply. If you download and test the demo, please Contact me.

UPDATE:  I got a reply from Polarian Software concerning their product recently released on January, and it seems indeed that Screen Mimic is like the FRAPS/GameCam of Mac OS X—Good news!  This is their email to Blizzplanet:

Lee Falin: Screen Mimic 1.2.1 can record OpenGL games on Mac OS X (Screen Mimic only supports 10.4 and higher), however there are currently a couple of caveats:

1. Screen Mimic gives you the choice of recording a particular area
of the screen, a window, or the entire screen. The fps of the
recording decreases as the area of the recording size increases, 
(obviously many other factors come into play here just like the fps
for gameplay). Some OpenGL games (not sure about WoW) actually change
the screen resolution of the screen before the render.

So for example, if you are playing a game on a large display with
1680×1050 resolution, and the game changes to full screen mode at
1024×768, you will need to accommodate for that when you select your
recording area. (Unless you are playing in a window). So in this
example, if you try to record the center of the screen, you may find
that you end up recording the upper-left hand corner.

2. Some openGL games render the cursor to a different buffer. Screen
Mimic only records the main buffer, so sometimes the recording won’t
include the cursor.

We offer a free demo on our website that allows for 15 seconds of
recording so that users can experiment.

Hope this helps. Let me know what feedback you receive.



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