Luke Johnson – Wow RPG developer (White Wolf Publishing) – let the cat out and shared the juicy table of content from the World of Warcraft RPG: Monster Guide.  You can now browse through the content.  The book will have 200 monsters, including Molten Core bosses.  The table of content will be added to Blizzplanet soon. In the meantime visit the table of content provided by White Wolf.

Bosses include: Archaedas (Uldaman), Balnazaar, Baron Geddon, Baron Rivendare, Drakkisath, Garr, Kel?Thuzad, Lady Onyxia, Lord Kazzak, Mekgineer Sicco Thermaplugg, and Nefarian.

Don’t forget to prepare your questions in advance for a possible follow-up public Q&A on IRC chat with Luke Johnson concerning this new RPG Book. Thanks for the heads up, HandCLAW.