Six Ulduar bosses are got hotfixed last night to decrease damage of certain abilties, the hotfixes will be effective as soon as a rolling restart of your server is done.  There was a hotfix for Priests’ Soul Warding and a good change to Spring Flowers (Noblegarden Achievement).

Blizzard Quote:
We’re currently in the process of making further difficulty adjustments via hotfix to the following encounters:

Ignis the Furnace Master
XT-002 Deconstructor
The Assembly of Iron

The difficulty of these encounters is being lowered in multiple ways. Some of the adjustments are live already, others will be live soon. Note that some of the spell tooltips for the encounter will not reflect the hotfixes being deployed until the next patch. As the hotfixes are deployed, the Service Status board will be updated.

Further adjustments are highly likely to some of the other encounters in Ulduar, but these were the highest priority encounters for us. We want to allow additional players to experience more of the cool Ulduar content.

Check out the complete list of hotfixes below:

  • Pure Saronite mining nodes have temporarily been disable in Ulduar and will return in the future.
  • The effectiveness of the Priest spell Divine Hymn has been reduced.
  • The Priest ability Soul Warding now only reduces the mana cost of Power Word: Shield by 15% instead of 30%. The tooltip for this spell will be updated at a later date.
  • Glyph of Mass dispel will now reduce the cost of the spell by only 35%.
  • The Emalon encounter has received the following changes: The total health of the Tempest Minions has been reduced and Emalon