This is a community-wide alert. Ancilorn from the WoW-Europe Community Team responded to a scam brought up by a player. The player reported his launcher.exe notified him the account had been compromised and required him to type his account login info and other personal details into the Launcher itself.

With all the security measures placed to protect your account (i.e. the Authenticator, keylogger detection software, etc.), the scammers are using more clever ways to obtain login info. As soon as you see something fishy, either by email or through your Launcher.exe, report this at the URL provided by Ancilorn. He also provides a link to which security software to install to detect malware.

While the WoW Launcher was compromised by this scammer by visiting certain websites with malware, it is still recommended to use the Launcher.exe because it offers a layer of protection. Always launch your game using the Launcher.exe — I always do.

Blizzard Quote:
A clever ruse indeed, and certainly not authentic (as you rightly spotted). Be sure to take the necessary steps to secure your PC and account:

As we say very frequently – we will never ask you for your password!

Also, if you receive any kind of scam mail, or security mail claiming to be from us, or have any questions or concerns about anything (including your dodgy launcher) be sure to pass the details on to us discreetly Europe or North America.:

You can also find out more about Account Security here, as well as information on the various types of scams and how to spot them:

If you have lost control of your Account then you can contact our support department for assistance by following the information provided in this thread:

Lastly, you can protect your account with the ultimate in account security – the authenticator: