The DC Unlimited new series 1 of World of Warcraft Action Figures are now on stores.  As revealed by Walter Simonson in our recent interview, he based some of the characters of the comic book on the new Wow Action Figures. Are you into collectibles?  Get your pawns on them while supplies last.

The new Series 1 World of Warcraft Action Figures by DC Unlimited are here! These amazingly detailed figures – debuted at New York’s American International Toy Fair this year – have already garnered a high level of interest among World of Warcraft players, collectible enthusiasts, and the media. The initial set of figures will include a blood elf rogue, orc shaman, undead warlock, and dwarf warrior, fully decked out with the latest armor and weapons from the game.

The Series 1 figures are available at Toys “R” Us, comic book stores, and specialty stores nationwide. Call 1–888–266–4226 or head to the Comic Shop Locator Service to find the store nearest you.