Blizzard updated their Warcraft Twitter to announce the 5th WoW anniversary celebration continues with the newest addition to the 5th Anniversary page … the interview with the real-life-deal familiar-size Pandaren – Samwise Didier. Read the full interview.

Most recently, the Exclusive Pandaren Brewmaster figure hit the Blizzard Online Store. Since it was something you were heavily involved in helping to create, can you tell us about the process and why this one is so special?

Samwise: The development was pretty painless, at least on my end. A pencil drawing for the front, side, and back of Chen as well as details for his gear, and that was about all. The face needed a few more iterations to it to help out the sculptor and that was really it.

The sculpting of Chen is special to me as the Pandaren was originally just created for my family and friends. It was done just for fun, as a joke. To have this personal piece of art become a page or two in the massive volumes of Blizzard Entertainment lore is an honor. And to have it embraced by so much of our community is a really great feeling. Some still think of the Pandaren as the Aprils Fools gag, while others think they should be the next race for World of Warcraft (Horde, naturally smile).

But whatever your views, just remember this… if my brother was a better speaker then the pandaren race might never have been born. Cheers to you brother!