Cryptozoic Entertainment will award over a quarter of a million dollars in cash prizes to the top competitors of the upcoming World of Warcraft Trading Card Game World Championship to take place at Gen Con Indy through August 5-8.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced a live streaming video coverage will be available at

A lucky live streaming video viewer will get a Spectral Tiger.

Additionally, the Cryptozoic website reveals they will have Landro’s Wheel at the Wabash Ballroom where GenCon attendees may have the opportunity to win one out of 15 loot cards including the Spectral Tiger. The Wheel will be spinning all day long so just show up and join the long line of fans awaiting their turn to spin-da-wheel. Come and take a photo with Sylvanas the Banshee Queen during the Award Ceremony on Sunday afternoon.


Spin # 1: Head to the World of Warcraft TCG tournament hall in the Wabash Ballroom. Show your Gen Con Badge at Landro’s Wheel and spin!

Spin # 2: Bring one UPC code from the bottom of a Class Starter Deck and sign up for the Cryptozoic Entertainment League in the Wabash ballroom. For $10, you receive an exclusive Spectral Kitten Playmat and can use the Class Starter Deck straight out of the box to play all weekend and win awesome prizes!

Spin # 3: Bring two UPCs from the Class Starter Deck to Landro’s Wheel to spin the wheel again. You can repeat this as many times as you wish.


Being the expert Hunters we are, we bagged and tagged a few of our Blizzard friends. No Detect Traps for them. We’re releasing them into the wilds of Gen Con, and anybody skilled enough to beat one of our bounties will earn the new, exclusive Blizzard Entertainment playmat.