You know how Football players feel after reaching the goal, throw the ball to the ground to touchdown and dance crazy?  Well, right now there are thousands of both lore fans and RPG d20 fans dancing in mindscape.

World of Warcraft RPG: Dark Factions is to be released by White Wolf Publishing (Sword & Sorcery) on April 16th.  Just three weeks from now. Luke Johnson just posted the Table of Content a few days ago. You don’t know how much it means to me to finally be able to talk to Luke about this book.  He better than anyone knows how much I have stalked him by email and on AOL chat to spill the beans these past two years. And he wouldn’t concede. Two or three years in the making … this book will rock fans.

Now fans have the opportunity to ask Luke Johnson (World of Warcraft RPG Developer) anything about World of Warcraft RPG: Dark Factions.  Submit your questions for this upcoming Q&A.  Blizzard Entertainment will post news once the Q&A is ready to go public. Please submit your WoW screen name or a name you wish to be credited for to be added to the side of each question.

This RPG Book contains info of the Old gods, Xavius, the Tuskarr, Pandaren, Twilight’s Hammer Clan, Naga, Couatl, Hakkar the Soulflayer, The Pantheon of the Zandalar Tribe, Scarlet Crusade, The Syndicate and so much more.

Read the table of contents first in order to formulate your own key questions.