Glory to the Alliance!

Draw blade and spear to battle the Scourge, the Burning Legion, and the Horde! Keep your eyes sharp and your tongue sharper as you match wits with rival political factions. Bolster the Alliance?s strengths? or prey upon its weaknesses.

A Character Book for World of Warcraft?: The Roleplaying Game

    ? Includes a wealth of detail on the Alliance, including its races and structure.

    ? New races, feats, prestige classes, and other game mechanics particular to the Alliance.

    ? Information on the Alliance?s history, its leaders, and its current military and political structure.

    ? Delve into the details of the Alliance?s races: Explore their society, psychology, and culture.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System. US Page Count: 232(hardcover).


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Special Thanks ? Luke Johnson
To my late grandfathers, Donald R. Johnson and Edward Schnaper. I think they would be proud.


Adam Loyd aka MagusRogue (ace, night elf and gnome history)

Scott Bennie (feats, exemplar, savagekin, half-elf history,
military units, ?The Dog of Warcraft?)

Bruce Graw (sapper,
Chapter 5, Ironforge dwarf history)

Luke Johnson (Chapters
1 and 2, prestige classes, creatures)

Mur Lafferty (feats,
dead shot, furbolg, high elf, and Wildhammer dwarf history,
Alliance history, tactics, military units, ?Gift for the Bride?)

Rosenberg (windwarrior, Chapter 4 Church of the Holy
Light, Kirin Tor, military units)

Andrew Rowe (human
history, Argent Dawn, Chapter 7, creatures).

Creative and Rules Design Assistance
and Additional Material

Chris Metzen, Ben Brode, Samwise Didier, Bob Fitch,
Evelyn Fredericksen, Brian Hsieh, Micky Neilson, Lisa
Pearce, and Gloria Soto


Luke Johnson


Ellen P. Kiley

Managing Editor

Stewart Wieck

Art Director

Mike Chaney

Layout and Design

Mike Chaney

Cover Artist

Samwise Didier , Glenn Rane, & Justin Thavirat

Interior Artists

Hannah Spute, Saytr, James Stowe, Patrick McEvoy,
Harald Osterle, Jeff Laubenstein, Samwise Didier, Rene
Koiter, Michel Koiter, Glenn Rane, Justin Thavirat, Bill
Petras, & David Griffiths

Introduction 4

Chapter 1: New Races

Dwarf, Wildhammer 6
Furbolg 9
Half-Elf 11
Vital Statistics 13

Chapter 2: Class Options

Variant Classes 14
Lone Druid 14
Totemic Druid 15
Druid of the Claw 15
Druid of the Fang 16
Druid of the Talon 16
Focused Mage 17
Auradin 18
Racial Iconic Classes 18
Furbolg Shaman 18
Gnome Tinker 19
High Elf Mage 20
Human Mage 20
Human Paladin 21
Ironforge Dwarf Warrior: Dwarf Sharpshooter 21
Night Elf Druid 22
Wildhammer Barbarian 23
Creature Classes 23
Ancient Protector 25
Dryad 27
Keeper of the Grove 29
Mountain Giant 31
Vital Statistics 33
Feats 34

Chapter 3: Prestige Classes

Ace 42
Dead Shot 45
Demon Hunter 47
Exemplar 50
Gunman 52
Mountain King 56
Sapper 58
Savagekin 61
Sister of Steel 63
Ursa Totemic 65
Warden 68
Windwarrior 70

Chapter 4: Magic

Magic Among the Alliance 75
Spells 79
Magic Items 91
Magic Armor 91
Magic Weapons 92
Rings 93
Wondrous Items 94

Chapter 5: Technology

Races and Technology 100
Tech-Mods 101
Weapon Tech-Mods 101
Armor Tech-Mods 103
Tech-Mods 103
Ring Tech-Mods 105
Wondrous Item Tech-Mods 106
Technological Devices 107
Dwarven Technological Devices 107
Gnomish Technological Devices 111
Other Technological Devices 119

Chapter 6: History and Culture

Night Elf History 123
Night Elf Culture 125
High Elf History 129
High Elf Culture 130
Half-Elf History 132
Half-Elf Culture 132
Human History 133
Human Culture 137
Ironforge Dwarf History 140
Ironforge Dwarf Culture 142
Wildhammer Dwarf History 143
Wildhammer Dwarf Culture 143
Gnome History 145
Gnome Culture 146
Furbolg History 147
Furbolg Culture 148
The Argent Dawn 150
The Church of the Holy Light 152
The Kirin Tor 154

Chapter 7: Alliance History and Current Situation

Alliance Timeline 165
State of the Alliance 167

Chapter 8: The Alliance Military

Alliance Tactics 181
Military Forces 183
Human Forces 183
Dwarf Forces 186
High Elf Forces 188
Night Elf Forces 189

Chapter 9: Creatures

Ancients 194
Avatar of Vengeance 199
Battle Ram 200
Cat, Saber 201
Chimera 203
Dire Cobra 204
Dragonhawk 205
Dryad 206
Faerie Dragon 207
Gryphon 208
Hippogryph 209
Keeper of the Grove 210
Mountain Giant 211
Spirit of Vengeance 212
Treant 214
Warhorse, heavy 215
Wisp 216

Chapter 10: Adventures

The Dog of Warcraft 217
Gift for the Bride 224