A few days ago, a fan I will name Grom approached me to point out certain peculiarities of some Blizzard employees’ avatars. They look like designed specifically for a Mobile Screen.

Back on May 4, 2007 – Blizzard had posted four job openings for what looks like their new Mobile Team. This World of Warcraft Mobile is a speculation mill I have mentioned a few times, and it seems there is some of truth. At what degree, that’s unknown.

PocketGamer.co.uk has heard rumors that Blizzard is indeed aiming a marriage between World of Warcraft and Mobile.

PocketGamer: “We had a chance to get the official line, when Vivendi Games Mobile boss Paul Maglione was sitting in the audience for one of the panel sessions at MGF, and was asked directly about mobile World of Warcraft.

“Mobile aspects will become part of all MMOs,” he replied, with a distinct smile on his face.