Apologies to all fans who got to read the news alert a few weeks ago. Richard A. Knaak has informed me that he is not the author of World of Warcraft: Deathknight. Amazon is now listing this book to be written by Dan Jolley. I considered necessary to post this as my role in the community is to inform, rather than to misinform.

I have seen a few wiki entries that used Blizzplanet as source. So it’s my responsibility to correct the previous misinformation. Make your updates accordingly. I did not reach Richard A. Knaak until now about the book. Originally, I saw it freshly listed over at Amazon. Knaak does have an upcoming manga about a mage, but not much can be said at the moment until the script is approved by Tokyopop and Blizzard.

Author: Dan Jolley
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: TokyoPop (July 6, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1427814961
ISBN-13: 978-1427814968

So let’s learn some stuff about Dan Jolley. He was voted Best Horror Comic of 2001 by Wizard Magazine for the limited series: Obergeist.  He was nominated for an Eisner Award on 2003 for writing the JSA: The Unholy Three limited series. A novel based in the sci-fi shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: IRON MAN: Teen Novelization (based on the 2008 film), STAR TREK S.C.E. – Some Assembly Required, Firestorm (DC Comics); Dr. Strange: The Flight of Bones (four-issue mini-series, Marvel Comics,1999); JSA: The Liberty File; Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive (four-issue mini-series, Marvel Comics 2002); Vampirella: The Choir in the Mist (2004); Warcraft Legends # 1 (World of Warcraft: How to Win Friends, short story). And a few Tokyopop mangas: Alex Unlimited, HarperCollins, The Warriors Series (The Lost Warrior, Warrior’s Refuge, Warrior’s Return).

To learn more of his gaming side read some comments based on his experience as a World of Warcraft player with two level 70 characters.