Blizzard Entertainment is a factory of bestsellers, and that’s reflected in the countless world-shattering guinness record sales.

Every Collector’s Edition in their portfolio sells out in no time. Many players know this for a fact when they search every game store online and locally to get the same answer: Sold Out.

It doesn’t extend to only Blizzard games. Take as example the BlizzCon tickets sold out within 30 seconds, and you know the frustrating sad panda face you get when tickets or pre-orders are no longer available.

For that matter, get your hands on the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector’s Edition before they become unavailable. You will be a happy panda knowing your pre-order is secured, and ready to ship on launch date. Go Pre-order now !!! Urgently. As in … right the heck now ! Go go go!