World of Warcraft: Arthas - Update

Christie Golden shared recently a bit more info about the upcoming Blizzard novel from Pocket Star Books titled … WORLD OF WARCRAFT: ARTHAS. Due April 2009.

Blizzplanet: What can you tell us about Wow: Arthas? How far back in the timeline will you write about Arthas? He is been portrayed as a child in Day of the Dragon, later one of the judges on Tirion’s trial (Of Blood and Honor), and I recall reading him still a child in WoW: Beyond the Dark Portal when Muradin arrived to talk to Terenas.

Christie Golden: We actually start with Arthas as a ten year old. smile That is one of the things I really love best about this. While it was certainly fun and challenging to depict the famous scenes from the game we all know and love, I loved having the chance to show Arthas as a child and youth before things started going so bad for him. We’ll see his take on some famous scenes, meet some new characters, and my favorite part, get to watch his romance with Jaina unfold.

One fun bit–the scene in Beyond the Dark Portal, where he’s practicing swordplay and Muradin comes across him, was one that I had written. You’ll see the same scene here–from Arthas’s point of view. smile

What makes Arthas so fascinating to me is that, in my opinion in a better time, he would have done just fine as a king and ruler. But he didn’t have the right stuff as it were to handle what he needed too. He was flawed, and under pressure, he cracked. And that, my friends, is meat and drink to a writer. I do hope people will enjoy it!

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