DC Direct launched the World of Warcraft Series 7 Action Figures on March 2, 2011. The Series 7 set includes Orc Rogue Garona Halforcen, Paladin Judge Malthred, and Worgen Spy Garm Whitefang. Click the images below to order ASAP while supplies last.

The Lich King Arthas Menethil DELUXE COLLECTOR FIGURE will be available on sale this upcoming March 9, 2011. I will alert you again by that date. Pre-orders seem to not be available yet.

Note: The link below to the Orc Rogue displays the wrong image when you visit the page. While it shows Garrosh Hellscream’s image (Orc Warrior, June 1), it should be showing Garona Halforcen (Orc Rogue, March 2). I’m in contact with the marketing department to get it fixed.

World of Warcraft Series 7 Action Figure Set


    This set of 3 individually packaged action figures includes:
    1x Worgen Spy: Garm Whitefang (9.75″)
    1x Human Paladin: Judge Malthred (9″)
    1x Orc Rogue: Garona Halforcen (5.5″)
World of Warcraft Series 7 Worgen Spy Garm Whitefang
World of Warcraft Series 7 Paladin Judge Malthred
World of Warcraft Series 7 Orc Rogue Garona Halforcen