The first thing I attempted in Patch 5.3 was to queue the new Scenarios. However, all of them were locked. They require iLevel 496 gear. For someone who is iLevel 493, that hurt. The first PTR 5.3 build doesn’t have any new lore questline available. It will be introduced in a future build. The new scenarios are also disabled even if you have the iLevel 496 requirement.

After looking around for changes, I stumbled on a new NPC added by the developers exclusively for PTR testers. This NPC is selling iLevel 522 gear for gold. Bingo. That should be your first stop when hopping into the PTR servers.

The NPC is located next to the Valor and Justice Quartermasters at Niuzao Temple. He is selling iLevel 522 Chest, Head, Shoulder, Legs and Gloves items.


Warlocks who haven’t been lucky looting the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion can join Patch 5.3. The Green Flame Infernal is a few yards east of the Shado-Pan Garrison ready to be looted to allow testers to play the Green Fire questline and Black Temple scenario.


The Heroic Scenarios are available, except for the new 5.3 story-progression Scenarios (available in a future PTR build). I haven’t confirmed if the Greater Cache of Treasures provide higher iLevel gear, but to those interested in farming gold, the new Heroic Scenarios provide more gold reward than the Heroic 5-man Dungeons: 65 gold. Heroic dungeons reward 24 gold and raid dungeons reward 45 gold — in contrast. 65 gold seems more appealing and they are quicker to complete.

In addition, there are bonus objectives rewarding extra valor points.