Blizzard provided several Mists of Pandaria press screenshots at the press event. We want to share them all with our loyal visitors.

Alliance group fighting Hozen in Stormstout Brewery

Alliance group with Chen Stormstout at start of Stormstout Brewery

Armsmaster Harlan in Scarlet Sanctuary at Scarlet Monastery

Boneweavers channeling spell at Chamber of Summoning in Scholomance

Hozen fishing on coastal islands in Krasarang

Grummle on a path in Kun-Lai Summit

Hozen at Camp Nooka Nooka in Jade Forest

Hozen in Jade Forest

Inner courtyard inside Jade Temple

Jade Temple in Jade Forest landscape

Lava cave in Stranglethorn Vale Diamond Mine Battleground

Nighttime outside The Temple of the Jade Serpernt in Jade Forest

Pandaren female at lake dock in Valley of the Four Winds

Pandaren Hunter with Turtle Pet in Wandering Isle

Pandaren Monk in Jade Forest

Pandaren Monk with a Mirror Strider at Glassfin Lake in Jade Forest

Pandarens fighting Desperate Mortbreaths at Nayeli Lagoon in Krasarang

Shen-zin Su turtle of the Wandering Isle

Smoky Porcupine in Jade Forest

Summoners and Skeletons in Scholomance

Tiger statues on bridge at Shado-pan Hideout

Uphill path through mountains in Wandering Isle

White Verming with explosives in Stormstout Brewery

Yaungol in Kun-Lai Summit