I’ll livestream the Pandaren Monk gameplay experience from level 1-10. (Livestream is over, but saved. Watch the video)

Playing a level 1-12 Pandaren female was a cool experience compared with other classes and their start location. There are many animations still missing that will be implemented later on throughout beta testing.

The way of the monk is mostly jab skill (clobber) and Tiger Palm from level 1-9. At level 10 you can choose to be a Brewmaster (Tank), Mistweaver (Healer) or Windwalker (Dps).

The scenarios are lovely with a lot of asian architecture and flora variety. The starting location quest experience seems linear from point A to B. Something I liked is that you no longer need to walk long distances to return to the quest giver NPC. Often the NPC comes to you when the quest is finished, or the NPC moves to a location near you to facilitate transitions from quest to quest.

The same NPCs interact with you throughout your journey around The Wandering Isle. You must help the Master Shang Xi search for four elemental spirits to help him understand what ails the land. The name Shang Xi is a history reference — a Chinese mural and scroll painter during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). In Marvel Comics, Shang-Chi is the Master of Kung-Fu and regular guest in The Avengers, Heroes for Hire, and Spider-Man.

The initial Pandaren Monk quests have you gather handwraps to start your training, and hitting punching bags. Later, players fight other trainees. The Master Shang Xi sees promise in you, and move you to help other NPCs with tasks.

Master Shang Xi is dying and it’s time for new generations to learn the way of the Monk. The monk is asked to snatch a flame from his hand. It was a bit tricky, but you must hover the cursor over his hand until the cursor icon changes. Click the flame, and your hand now carries the flame.

      The Lesson of the Burning Scroll

      The fact that you were able to stach the flame so easily is no small feat.

      The Edict of Temeprance is a scroll of wisdom passed down from my eldeer’s elders. Wisdom from a more peaceful time.

      Every lesson has its time and place, and with darkness on the horizon, the time for this particular wisdom has passed.

      The burning of the scroll is an acceptance of tidings to come and a promise to action. Your hand carried the flame, and I suspect that it will continue to do so in the future.

Most of the quests send players to help search and take the four ancient spirits (water, earth, fire and wind) to the Temple of Five Dawns. These ancient elemental spirits NPCs have a very strong japanese influence. They look like chibi characters you might find in manga and anime; and they are cute with childish voices.