DC Comics launched today the second issue of the five-part comic book limited series … World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen # 2. It’s now available at a newsstand near you and online as a digital download. You can find it at the Comixology store.

A tale about a night elf couple united by eternal love and hope: Arvell and Belysra. And two night elf best friends, nigh brothers: Arvell and Ralaar.

Millennia ago, the Night Elves of Raynewood Retreat engaged a covert assault upon Xavian, in Ashenvale, to end the Satyr war. Their motives were vengeance for their previous onslaught ,where many druids died.

Shandris Feathermoon and Arvell led two separate teams into Xalan the Feared’s den.

After the assassination of Xalan, the demons and satyrs converged on the assault teams and in the face of death the two friends decided to let themselves loose into the Pack form, letting its primal instinct of survival take over.

Their decision cost the life of their own night elf fellows as they lost control of self.

Malfurion Stormrage reprimanded both druids for disobeying him. In past incidents, not even the Horn of Cenarius has been able to pacify the druids trapped in the pack form which originates somehow from the ancient Goldrinn (Lo’Gosh in taurahe language). Despite this banning of the Pack form, these two druids keep thinking themselves above the dangers of the form, sure to be able to overcome the primal urges. They believe in time they might be able to control this form, if Malfurion changed his mind and lifted the restriction.

Micky Neilson and James Waugh keep the tale in issue # 2 interesting shifting back and forth between past events and present events through the point of view of both Belysra, and Ralaar (Prime).

Belysra tells Lord Genn Greymane the story of her life, her love for Arvell, and how her story ties with the origin of the worgen now plaguing Gilneas. Ralaar, the prime worgen, tells the other side of this story to Detective Halford Ramsey — who continues to slowly degrade, while trying to halt his own transformation into a worgen.

World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen # 1-5 will unravel the mystery behind the awakening of the Worgen.

For years, Chris Metzen has teased fans … Are the worgen from another dimension? Or are they from the past?

This is it. This is the story that reveals the worgen are the forbidden form of the first druids: The Pack Form. Forever restricted, banned by Malfurion Stormrage.

The mini-series ignite high expectations within fans of the Warcraft universe: Will this story reveal more details about the Scythe of Elune? Will Arugal or Velinde Starsong be featured in upcoming chapters? How comes a Night Elf has been in Gilneas without the outer world knowing about it? What’s Genn Greymane’s decades-long secret? [can you withstand the suspense another month?]

After a year of hiatus, Micky Neilson and James Waugh give us back the crave for more Warcraft comic book suspense and an awesome story to chew on and cherish until the World of Warcraft Graphic Novel emerges in 2011.

Search for your copy of World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen to join the feverish excitement.

Blizzard Quote:

Famous detective Halford Ramsey has fallen head first into the world of “The Worgen,” a new race of creatures in World of Warcraft with a deep, twisted history. Follow the tale of two friends – Ralaar and Arvell – as we see the origin of The Worgen forged in the heat and desperation of an epic battle.

Cover: Wei Wang

Writer: Micky Neilson, James Waugh

Art: Ludo Lullabi, Tony Washington

Letterer: Wes Abbott

Co-Editors: Hank Kanalz and Sarah Gaydos

Story Consultants: Chris Metzen, Alex Afrasiabi & Luis Barriga

Digital Rlease Date: December 22, 2010

Publish Date: December 22, 2010