Ryan Winzen posted a video trailer to YouTube to show a sneak peek of his Starcraft II mod which turns the engine into a MMO. The trailer shows the character creation screen where you can change colors in real-time, choose the race: Terran or Protoss, choose class and specialization.

You can create Terran or Protoss characters. The Terran classes: Infantry, Demolition, Special Ops, and R&D.

Each class has three specializations. It’s different for each class. For example, the Infantry class has three specialization trees: Marine, Medic, War Pig. The Special Ops has: Ghost, Spectre and Reaper.

Each player has their hovering name, name tags, portrait, health bar, energy bar, a mini-map on the right corner, and the spellbar at the bottom-center … World of Warcraft basics. You can even see damage numbers floating above the characters.

Other features in development:

  • Inventory and Save System
  • Protoss Heroes
  • Class Specialization
  • Dueling

He’s recruiting volunteers to fill up some positions. At a glimpse, the project sounds interesting, but we have seen what happens when you name the mod incorrectly: “Starcraft II” or “World of Starcraft”. It’s simply not a good idea to do that. We’ll see.

    Ryan: This is a pre-alpha trailer for the unfinished Ghost class in World of Starcraft. By no means is this a finished product. This is merely a proof of concept and progression. No announced release Date. Game by RyanWin. Music by Maverlyn. Please visit www.worldofstarcraft.proboards.com for further details or inquiry. Winzen Productions is not directly affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment, we’re merely using their engine and assets.