Warcraft Film Activity Since 2012


I think we have reached a moment in time when we can finally talk more abroad about the Warcraft film after months and years of partial hiatus.

The fans have awaited the Warcraft film by Legendary Pictures since 2006 — announced that year at BlizzCon.

Many things have happened news-wise since then, but I’m going to stick to the activity these past six months. Make sure to check out all reference links to be up to date on what’s happened in this six months time-frame.

On July.13.2012, Sam Raimi revealed to CraveOnline at San Diego Comic Con 2012 he was no longer director of the Warcraft film.

With Sam Raimi gone, anything we might have learned or heard since his inception into the Warcraft film is scrapped. Finito. It all started from scratch. Anew.

Let’s pretend those past six years (since 2006) did not exist. The Warcraft film now starts from the moment Charles Levitt gets assigned as screenwriter and Duncan Jones is assigned as new director.

On August.2.2012, Charles Levitt was assigned as new screenwriter of the Warcraft Film. — according to Variety

On September 2012, Nick Carpenter (Blizzard VP of Art & Cinematic Development) tweeted Blizzplanet to share casting ideas. The community sent us some interesting actor/actress names and roles.

On October 2012 – I really don’t dare to make speculations about Pixar having anything to do with the Warcraft film. We only know what Rob Pardo tweeted on October 12th: “Excited to have Mark Andrews from Pixar down at Blizzard today!”

Cameron Dayton also tweeted (on October 12, 2012) that Mark Andrews and Blizzard developers were at the Improv (a comedy club) located at Irvine Spectrum Center.

We have known Blizzard Entertainment invites celebrity personalities to their studios, and basically anyone can request a tour simply by emailing tours@blizzard.com

To make an example, film actress Michele Morrow was invited by Blizzard artist Mark Gibbons (Red Knuckle). In short, PIXAR’s visit at Blizzard might have nothing to do with the Warcraft film. So have them in the back of your mind in the meantime.

A few weeks ago, January.30.2013, Blizzard Entertainment announced Duncan Jones — director of Source Code (2011) and Moon (2009) — is now the new director of the Warcraft film.

These six months have been a thrilling drumroll of activity.

A few days ago, Duncan Jones visited Blizzard Entertainment to talk to Chris Metzen and the Creative Team.

It’s happening folks! Hopefully, we can see something more concrete at BlizzCon 2013 (November 8-9).

Duncan Jones is looking for a freelance animator. He didn’t specify if his inquiry was about the Warcraft film, or any other unknown projects. Hypothetically, if this was for the Warcraft film, I’d think a freelancer animator could help developing animated sketches as a visual guide of some scenes to be later filmed with live actors.

Overall, I liked the direction Blizzard is taking with the Warcraft film, and that they aren’t keeping everything secret. They are very open about posting in Twitter.

In the meantime, grab your popcorn and keep watch on Duncan Jones Twitter. He seems to be very verbal about directing the Warcraft film. We need that. We also need teasers as soon and as often as possible.

Long live the Warcraft film! Slap in the face to the trolls! (and … gnomes)




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