Question 1: Are there any addons that are/will be illegal?

“This is a very good explanation of things as I understand them. However, I am not involved in policy and I’m not a lawyer.

While we’ve done our best not to penalize people who use the scripting interface, even in ways that aren’t intended, it’s conceivable that at some point someone will find a way to use them that is against the terms of use (e.g. is hurting other people’s play experience), and is something we can’t disable. In that case it’s possible that we might warn people that using the addon is against the terms of use, and if they continue to do so, some action would be taken.

If you haven’t been explicitly warned by a GM, or seen an official blizzard response about an addon or UI modification, then don’t worry about it.”

Note: Character/pet/item changing “addons” do not use the scripting interface mentioned here.

Question 2: Is the modification of character/pet/item models legal?

Thundgo: “(…) The policy is clear: we do not allow such modifications.”

Question 3: Is the use of the Logitech G-15 keyboard allowed?

Aeus: “Recently, players expressed some concern over the use of programmable gaming peripherals while playing World of Warcraft. We want to make sure it’s clear that creating hotkeys for certain actions in the game is ok. However, if these peripherals are used to automate gameplay to the point where the player is able to conduct repeated actions in the game without paying attention, then that will constitute a violation of our game policies. The use of sustained automated play grants an unfair advantage over players who earn their achievements by actively playing through the game as it was designed. In the interest of maintaining an even playing field for all players, we will investigate reports of automated play and take action as needed to prevent this from occurring in the game.

We have looked into this matter and haven?t found reasonable cause to disallow usage of its functions for use in world of Warcraft.

We do, however, reserve the right to come back to this statement at a later point, at which we will inform our players.”

Question 4: Is the use of in-game video capturing programs like Game Cam allowed?

Aeus: “As long as Game Cam only makes videos and doesn?t do anything else that isn?t stated, this program does not seem to violate our World of Warcraft Exploitation Policy”:

Question 5: Is it ok to use the addon Decursive?

Aeus: “Technically, the designers feel that Decursive goes beyond the intent of the UI scripting system.

If they had an easy way to disable it, they would, however, for the moment, it’s fine to use.

Should we get an update about this, we will let you know.”

Compiled by Guus@Silvermoon