The Upper Deck Senior Director Scott Gaeta addressed fans at the official UDE forum to debunk rumors that the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (WoW TCG) is nearing its impending demise after the ScourgeWar set (On sale November 22, 2009).  The rumor caught momentum when the site claiming the demise said the buzz came from a reliable source.  No wonder, the Senior Director emerged to squash the bugger.

Gaeta revealed their team visited the Blizzard Entertainment offices in Irvine to discuss their 2011 plans for the WoW TCG, and as UDE informed a few weeks ago, they announced a schedule list for 2010.  The WoW TCG license is stronger than ever and to stay. The past weeks UDE has thrown the house through the window with spectacular WoW TCG Tournaments.  Precisely yesterday and today UDE held the 2009 Season 4 WoW TCG and Mini Realm Championship with up to $500,000 in prizes.

That looks pretty strong for a TCG line nearing its demise …