The Battle For Undercity Videos Update

I experienced the Battle of the Undercity after posting the transcript from a fan’s screenshot.  This time I took my own screenshots and tried not to miss any of the spoken text.  Better yet! I got an hour worth of video for you guys. I edited and split these videos into 10 minute chunks. This is epic in large proportions.  The only setback is that you barely get any damage or risk to die. Once Thrall and Sylvanas start the battle in Undercity, you get two buffs. One from Thrall and the song of Sylvanas. You get crazy agility and about three times your health total. (43,000 health in my case) and replenish health quicker than the damage you get.

Varimathras’ forces are at the Lordaeron Ruins courtyard spreading blight that causes 1,200 damage per tick while you stand on it. Thrall commands the wind to cleanse his path. Tornados can be seen removing the blight.

For around 10 minutes all you do is fight over twenty mobs at a time, and nonstop waves of Apothecaries, and Abominations on the courtyard of Undercity until you kill the first boss: A Plague Spreader like the big Frankestein boss in Naxxramas.

That cleared, Thrall and Sylvanas lead you through the Throne room, and find out the elevators have been blown. At the bottom of the elevator tunnel are spikes heralding death to any who jumps. Thrall commands the wind and you slowly fall to safety.

In the inner sanctum hordes of Burning Legion siege you: Wrathbringers, Doomguards, Dreadlords and four-arm demoness until you reach the Royal Quarter of Undercity where you face Pitlords and all kind of Legion to kill Varimathras. Unbelievably, this is not a dungeon instance. It is phase-technology in action sharing the same space with the real Undercity.

This is the first video showing some of the Wrathgate happenings, and the arrival of Jaina Produmoore to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar announcing the Fourth War is about to start. Varian Wrynn is pissed for the death of Bolvar Fordragon.

All videos and transcript are finished so go check out Battle for the Undercity and tell all your friends and forum buddies.  This is video# 1 out of six.

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