It’s been a very long ride completing all the quests in The Jade Forest after Blizzard opened the Pandaria Continent. Only this zone is open at the moment. Any player attempting to enter adjacent zones will get teleported back to the zepellin crash / shipwreck landing zone.

Personally, I can’t wait for Mists of Pandaria to go live, and replay these quests and the gameplay experience.

After questing with the Hozu (Horde) or the Jinyu (Alliance), you are sent to the Dawn’s Blossom where you get to see some of the best landscapes and architecture of the Pandaren race.

Shortly after, you are sent to the Temple of the Jade Serpent to deliver Jade ore, and to talk to the Jade Serpent in search of knowledge about the continent and its secrets.

The Temple of the Jade Serpent is used both as a questing ground and as a dungeon. The only dungeon available at this point in beta patch one is the Temple of the Jade Serpent. I was astonished to discover the dungeon was the same place I had been questing at just a few minutes earlier, except things have gotten really bad with the nightmarish presence of the Sha. Hopefully, I’ll be able to feature the dungeon version later.

For now, here’s a glimpse into the questing experience at the Temple of the Jade Serpent. This video includes an in-game cutscene of the Jade Serpent, and some lore spoilers. Available in 1080HD.

Elder Sage Rain-Zhu: Welcome to the Temple of the jade Serpent, traveler.

We welcome all within our doors, and offer knowledge freely to any who seek it.

The Temple of the Jade Serpent

Elder Sage Rain-Zhu: You bring news from Lorewalker Cho?

(The Elder Sage patiently listens to your tale of what occurred at the Jade Mines.)

Thank you for coming all this way, stranger. However, I cannot allow you to speak to the Jade Serpent right now.

The ancient one is very busy, and as you can see, is not here at the moment.

The Scryer’s Dilemma

Elder Sage Rain-Zhu: Since you were so helpful at the mines, would you be willing to help us with a small problem here at the temple?

Wise Mari has been complaining recently of a disturbance in his temple.

The water sprites have gotten quite playful recently, and made off with his ceremonial staff.

If you could help him, I would be most grateful. I may even put in a word with the Jade Serpent for you.

Just follow the path to the north.


Wise Mari: The waters are wild and chaotic. Something agitates them.

The pools are clouded. I will need my staff to calm the spirits and speak to the water.


Wise Mari: I am but an old Jinyu, and those pesky water sprites were impossible to catch. Thank you, (name), for returning my staff to me.

A New Vision

Wise Mari: Please tell the Elder Sage Rain-Zhu that I will begin my work at once.

Darkness comes. I can feel it within my bones.


Elder Sage Rain-Zhu: Wonderful! Knowing that the scryer has returned to his meditations has lifted a great burden from my shoulders.

The Librarian’s Quandary

Elder Sage Rain-Zhu: Lorewalker Stonestep is in charge of the entire temple library. Lately, something has been troubling him and his work.

With thousands of ancient tomes to be transcribed, I can’t afford to have him distracted.

Would you follow the path south to the library and see what ails him?


Lorewalker Stonestep: The scrolls! I must save the scrolls!


Lorewalker Stonestep: The Elder Sage Rain-Zhu sent you?

Very well. You shall help me.