Ladybeth from Wow Stratics let us know of their upcoming interview with World of Warcraft developers.  They have put a Submission form up for fans to suggest questions for the interview.

WoW Stratics will be opening up the floor to YOU the players of World of Warcraft. We recently were given an opportunity to interview the WoW developers. So we thought why not see what the PLAYERS would ask those crazy developers.

So here you go! NOW its your chance to ask the WoW developers what you want to know! Submit your question to us by filling out our ASK THE DEVELOPERS FORM. We will then pick the best 15 questions and send them on to the WoW Developers!

Please remember one question per person, this is to ensure everyone will have a fair chance at asking their question. The deadline for this will be SUNDAY, MAY 7th 2006.

Make sure you keep checking back to WoW Stratics, in order to see what questions were sent and what the developers have said!