Jace Hall Show Season 3 Episode 3 is now available featuring the Starcraft II Team.

The Blizzard scene starts at 03:08 with Dustin Browder (Game Director) and his Starcraft II team. Dustin presents Jace Hall to the team, and Chris Sigaty and Tony Hsu (Game Producer) look at Jace Hall with a very funny face.

Dustin makes a parody of Starcraft II having three separate episodes, saying they are going to monetize on the game by making at least 13-14 episodes for Starcraft II. Chris Sigaty suggests to go for micro-transactions.

Jace Hall interrupts to say there can’t be microtransactions in this type of game. Samwise Didier gives a better idea: Macro-transactions.

The second scene starts at 05:30, Dustin Browder is talking about game balance, when Chris Sigaty interrupts him. Dustin stands up and takes off his Panda hat and asks Chris Sigaty: “Are you wearing the hat?” — that’s short for ‘Shut the [beep] up!”

Samwise burps loudly. The guys have been drinking a few beers. Phill Gonzalez (3D Artist) looks like he got a few too many Red Bulls. Samwise starts making fun of Jace Hall’s V hat from the TV Series.

Third scene starts at 09:32, Dustin is talking about units balance again but using beer bottles on the table as examples. He places a few bottles to represent three roaches, zerglings and a hydralisk. Then moves another bottle to represent a Terran Marine. Jace Hall asks if they are serious. Are they designing the game using … beer bottles? Samwise places an empty beer bottle flat on the table and says: “This is a dead marine”.

Chris Metzen and Jace Hall close the episode to present Jace Hall’s latest single song “I Play W.O.W.”