Blizzplanet interviewed Glynnis Talken three years ago, and with Starcraft II finally announced at the South Korea Worldwide Invitationals last May 19th, fans have gotten psyched with the idea whether the same voice actors would be hired by Blizzard Entertainment to voice Sarah Kerrigan, Zeratul and Jim Raynor.

Recently, I interviewed Robert Clothworthy, who is excited and willing to take his role once more as Jim Raynor.  Today, Glynnis Talken reveals how she feels about Starcraft II and her return as Sarah Kerrigan.  Glynnis visited the Blizzard booth at San Diego Comic Con as an attendee, and highlighted her interest in retaking her role. Read her recent August newsletter revealing her reprise as Kerrigan in Starcraft II.

1. It has been nearly ten years since Starcraft and its Brood War expansion. How do you feel about fans remembering you as a celebrity in the games industry and wanting more?

Glynnis: It’s very flattering. I started getting a rush of e-mail from gamers the moment StarCraft II was announced. And you know, even though it HAS been almost 10 years, it’s amazing, but I haven’t aged a bit…not a BIT, I tell you!

2. How has this popularity affected you and your career?

Glynnis: Being a voiceover actor, whatever popularity I enjoy is largely invisible. I don’t wear my Kerrigan wings on the street, and it’s not exactly like I’m talking on my cell phone and someone goes, “Hey, aren’t you The Rogue?” But when people find out, they’re usually tickled, and I’m delighted to make their acquaintance.

3. Have you done voice acting for other games after Starcraft: Brood War and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction? Or have you mostly focused on book writing?

Glynnis: Book writing has taken up a huge amount of my time. I still do voiceovers for other things, but the only other video game I’ve done since the work for Blizzard is Savage: The Battle for Newerth for S2 Games.

4. Do you wish to retake your role as Kerrigan in Starcraft II? Why?

Glynnis: Absolutely! Kerrigan is a great, well-written character to play, and just as fans expect high quality and consistency from Blizzard’s visuals and programming, I think they like to see consistency in casting. I mean, no one wants to see the ghost of Anakin being replaced by Hayden Christensen, right? Ahem.

5. Have you kept track of Starcraft II after the game was officially announced in South Korea? What do you like?

Glynnis: I heard the announcement from my fans before I saw anything in the media.  I attended Comic-Con this year, where Blizzard had a killer booth, and the trailers were phenomenal on the big screen! Knowing Chris Metzen’s gift for world-creating and storytelling, I’m sure he’s come up with some really cool stuff.

6. Recently Blizzard has been exploring into fields it has never been into before such as the World of Warcraft film by Legendary Pictures and the DC Comic Book. The South Park episode of World of Warcraft, which is currently nominated for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Blizzard goes a step further. If Blizzard ever produce a Starcraft TV Animated Series or Hollywood film, would you like to play as Kerrigan?

Glynnis: Oh, gosh, I don’t know… Are you kidding? Of course! One of the most fun projects I ever did was recording the voice of Julie Winters for MTV’s animated series, “The Maxx.” It was great to be in an ensemble cast, playing off the other voice actors. It’d be a kick having audio, play-fights in the studio for the battle scenes. There’s a bit of debate online about the prospect of a Starcraft movie, whether it should be live-action or animation. Needless to say, I vote for animation.

7. What have you done in your career the past three years since our previous interview?

Glynnis: I’ve been very focused on my novels. Warner Books bought my Warrior Maids of Rivenloch trilogy—“Lady Danger,” “Captive Heart,” and “Knight’s Prize”—so I’ve been writing and promoting those for the last few years. In fact, I just sold “Knight’s Prize” into Russia! I’m currently working on another trilogy of stories set in Canterbury—“Lord of Shackles,” “Lord of the Hunt,” and “Lord of Exile.”  I write a new book about every nine months—kind of like making babies, I guess.

8. You changed book publisher a couple of years ago, signed with Warner Publishing and changed your name from Glynnis Campbell to Sarah McKerrigan. Why did you choose Sarah McKerrigan as your new pseudonym?

Glynnis: It was kind of an homage to the character and a nod to my gaming fans.  Unlike most “romance” novels, my books feature kick-ass warrior wenches, so the name seemed appropriate—McKerrigan (spawn of Kerrigan).

9. Could you list all the Medieval Romance novels written in the past years, including current and upcoming?

Glynnis: In addition to the books listed above, written by Sarah McKerrigan, I wrote four books for Berkley under my real name, Glynnis Campbell—the Knights of de Ware trilogy, consisting of “My Champion,” “My Warrior,” and “My Hero,” and a novella in “A Knight’s Vow.”

10. Personally I would like to see you writing a Starcraft Novel. You are part of the Starcraft scifi universe and know its storyline well. I think you could use your writing experience on a Starcraft novel. Would that be a problem with Warner Publishing if you wrote for Pocket Star Books?

Glynnis: Authors sometimes write for more than one publishing house, so that wouldn’t be a problem. But since I have a voiceover career, too, finding the TIME to write for more than one house would be tough.

11. If you were given the opportunity to write for the Starcraft or Diablo franchises, what would you like to write about?

Glynnis: Honestly, after spending so much time inventing my own worlds where I have total creative control, it would be hard for me to step back and write according to someone else’s universe. Besides, since I write historical romance, I’d probably have Kerrigan and Raynor knocking boots by Chapter Five.

12. Any upcoming public appearances at book stores or special events?

Glynnis: There’s a calendar of upcoming appearances on my website at , and I usually do at least one booksigning a month. On August 11 at 2pm, I’ll be at New & Recycled Romances in Costa Mesa, California for a booksigning and tea.  As always, I’m delighted to meet gamer fans, even when I’m wearing my author hat, and I’m happy to sign merchandise, do photos, and give out Kerrigan hugs any time.

Glynnis Talken

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The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Trilogy (Warner)
LADY DANGER (#0-446-61617-6) April 2006
CAPTIVE HEART (#0-446-61616-8) October 2006
KNIGHT’S PRIZE (#0-446-61886-1) April 2007
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UPDATE – March 11, 2009: Glynnis is officially not rehearsing her role as Kerrigan in Starcraft 2. Blizzard decided to take a new voice direction. Details here.