is hosting the “Ask the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Developers & Producers” contest right now, providing all gamers the opportunity to submit a short video asking any StarCraft-related questions. You have through June 1 to enter, so fire up that reel-to-reel video recorder in your attic and get to taping your best question (note: digital devices are probably preferable). Check out all of the details here.

Ask the “StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty” Developers & Producers
Are you a huge StarCraft fan? Have you been anxiously awaiting this sequel for over ten years? Do you have burning questions to ask the developers and producers of the game? Well, here’s your chance. Submit your video question to Blizzard about the long awaited next chapter.

Here’s how it works:
1. Upload a 30 second video of yourself asking anything StarCraft related.
2. Check out other videos in the gallery below, let us know which ones you like or don’t.
3. After June 4th, we’ll compile the videos and send them to Blizzard Entertainment for review.
4. Blizzard will pick their favorite clips and create a exclusive video, incorporating your questions with their answers.

* Maximum video file size: 100MB
* Maximum video length: 30 Seconds
* Accepted media formats: avi, flv, mov, mpg, wmv