MTV Multiplayer cornered Chris Sigaty at BlizzCon 2008, where the developer confessed he wishes to make the RTS game as good as to make eSports shine brighter, but as simple to learn that his mother and wife could play it. There may be some tricks up the Starcraft II Team, or I am just assuming (”senses a developer answering yea”). Well, the original Starcraft was simple to learn, hard to master. I enjoy the single player, and UMS, and as Entropy can confirm, I am a shame on melee multiplayer, but I love Starcraft, so whatever.

Point is that Chris Sigaty wants his mother and every mother to learn and enjoy Starcraft II gameplay. If you thought that’s ridiculous or nigh impossible … (whispers) my mom (age 57) plays Starcraft almost everyday the past three years. Read the full interview.

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