Blizzard Entertainment has initiated the third wave of StarCraft II Beta Invitations to all gamers who signed up to the beta opt-in via the Account Management website. This third wave will increase the amount of players online to stress test the servers, and the Matchmaking System.

The second wave of beta key invitations was sent barely ten days ago on February 23, 2010. At this rate, there might be at least two more waves this month. Don’t lose hope then, you might be the next one. To this point, Blizzard Entertainment has not yet contacted any of the fansites for their usual Fansites Beta Key Giveaways. Make sure to check out Blizzplanet, StarCraft: IncGamers, and other known StarCraft II fansites for any updates on this matter.

However, exercise caution when opening emails. Fake emails are sent when a beta test starts to lure you to websites that look identical to Account page in order to steal your username and password. Simply type the or URL manually, and just copy the beta key. Play safe, and be paranoid at all time even when the email says it comes from — that’s easily faked to look legit.

Thanks, for the heads up: Kenzuki and perera.