Starcraft: Ghost Removed from Blizzard

Recently a press release revealed that Blizzard Entertainment had postponed Starcraft: Ghost indefinetely.  Rumors were that now Blizzard would make a next generation consoles development of Starcraft: Ghost.  Few months ago, the Gamecube version of the game was cancelled due to the lack of multiplayer support after Swingin’ Ape Studios added multiplayer capabilities to Starcraft: Ghost.

With the press release, the thought that went through everyone’s mind is that the Playstation 2 and Xbox version of the game were cancelled as well, and that the game would be now ported and released to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  However, it is a surprise to see the Starcraft: Ghost Official site was removed from the Current Projects List at the front page of —could this mean the game has suffered the fate of Warcraft Adventures?

Many fans have awaited for Starcraft: Ghost, and it would turn down many loyal to the franchise.  Over four thousand players were able to play hands-on the multiplayer of the game at BlizzCon 2005, back on October 28-30.  Hopefully more news are offered by Blizzard Entertainment in the upcoming weeks to clear up what the status of the game is.  Or the least, to clear up the many rumors being published in the media.

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