Starcraft: Ghost cancelled on GameCube

On a move by Blizzard that makes many GameCube players uncomfortable, Blizzard updated the Starcraft: Ghost FAQ.  The game is planned for release sometime during Summer 2006 only for Playstation 2 and Xbox.  You may call it a rant, but I purchased the Gamecube last year expecting the release of Starcraft: Ghost.  Two weeks later, the game release was postponed.  A year later, here I am with a GameCube with no Starcraft: Ghost … Now I gotta think of getting a Playstation 2.  I am sure many have the same sentiment.  Plans for the Starcraft: Ghost changed when Swingin’ Ape Studios took the project, rebuilding the engine and implanting Multiplayer.  The game was originally meant to be single-player.  Nintendo has not yet developed a multiplayer online solution, which translates into shipping only for Playstation 2 and Xbox.  Hopefully, Nintendo finds a very late solution to the competition so that Blizzard can make a Gamecube release of Starcraft: Ghost.  Read the updated Starcraft: Ghost FAQ here

MicahW: ” Unfortunately the GameCube version of the game was decided to be dropped. In order to provide the game envisioned by the console team a set and readily available online solution was needed. Unfortunately the GameCube has no online service and since so much work is going in to the online portion, it would be additional work to release only part of the intended game. Nintendo systems certainly aren’t something that we are against supporting. Blizzard in its entirety is based upon earlier games for Nintendo systems. The GameCube and Revolution will still be cosidered for future products, unfortunately Ghost will only be made available on the Xbox and PS2 at this time.”

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