Starcraft: Ghost has the characteristics of Game of the Year 2004.  It has the Blizzard seal. That is all we need to know to acknowledge it as a Must-have winner.

Many Guinness records in sales with games like Diablo II, which sold a million copies in less than 2 weeks of launch; Warcraft III and its expansion pack The Frozen Throne, with millions of copies sold; and Starcraft/Broodwar with some 5 millions copies sold; it is no blunder to assume that this game will shatter Splinter Cell and Max Payne, where it hurts; getting the spotlight.

Starcraft: Ghost already has a fan base of millions. Sum the millions of players that never played a Blizzard game and have seen this baby show up in so many reviews and you get the biggest hit on any console.  People at Official X-Box Magazine forums already want the game and most have never played Starcraft (PC).

Blizzard Entertainment characterizes for studying and analyzing the success and failures of other game companies.  As a team of Gamers themselves they find fixes and solutions to the mistakes made by game companies, and benefit from the feedback of their own development team(hardcore gamers) and from the feedback of fans through their forums.

Starcraft: Ghost is unique in its genre made after a game with a deep and rich storyline. No wonder Starcraft is the number one sport in Korea with millions of fans playing everyday in Internet Cafes and World Tournaments with prizes up to $ 50,000.  Tag Starcraft: Ghost as one of your favorites and sit and watch how this game reaches sales records within its first 2 weeks of sale. Some of Nihilistic employees were formerly employees of Blizzard that were involved in the creation of Starcraft in 1998.  Nihilistic is well known also for the creation of Vampire: The Masquerade. This unholy merge of efforts of Blizzard Entertainment and Nihilistic Software, to bring Starcraft: Ghost to the console in full 3D, has made this game predestined to be a winner. Nuff’ Said!