Although Nova isn’t playable in multiplayer games, this highly trained Ghost is. She’s a virtual replica of Nova, with psi powers and sophisticated weapons at her disposal. The Ghost has access to cloaking and psi vision, but not psi speed in multiplayer games. However, these two powers still give the Ghost a unique advantage among multiplayer characters. The Ghost is also one of only two multiplayer characters that can pilot vehicles like the Vulture, Grizzly fighter-bomber, and Siege Tank. Her array of talents means she is the only character that can employ stealth, kill from afar with one-shot precision, and lockdown enemy vehicles.

Available Weaponry

  • BOSUN FN92 Sniper Rifle
  • E11 Lockdown Device
  • E16 Lockdown Grenade
  • BE3 Sticky Grenade


Like the Marine, the Firebat wears heavy armor for increased protection and faster movement. But the similarities end there. The Firebat is a lethal expert in close-range combat, thanks to his Perdition Flamethrowers, which can annihilate nearby targets quickly and immolate surrounding terrain. To deal with long-range targets, the Firebat has two fire modes for his Napalm Rockets. One mode enables the Firebat to point the rocket towards its target with a laser sight, while the second mode actually lets the Firebat guide the rocket directly. However, while in this mode, the Firebat is highly vulnerable to attack.

Available Weaponry

  • Perdition
  • Flamethrower
  • Napalm Rockets


The Marine is the heavy artillery of Ghost multiplayer games. Outfitted with a complete suit of power-armor, he can withstand the most amount of punishment from enemy players. And despite appearances, the bulky armor doesn’t detract from the Marine’s speed, as the power-assisted leg motors give the Marine a fast top running speed. However, the heavy armor does prevent the Marine from piloting vehicles. While the Marine’s weapon options are limited, those that he can use are long-ranged and very powerful.

Available Weaponry

  • Flak Pistol
  • Heavy Gauss Rifle
  • Grenades

Light Infantry

A common enemy for Nova in the single-player game, the Light Infantry is surprisingly versatile and efficient in multiplayer games. Without the heavy armor of the Marine, the Light Infantry can’t take much of a beating, but he has the widest array of weapons at his beck and call, and he can pilot vehicles as adeptly as the Ghost. The Light Infantry can also place, use, and repair sentry guns for use throughout the various multiplayer maps.

Available Weaponry

  • Gauss Rifle
  • BE3 Sticky Grenade
  • Automated Chaingun
  • Armored Flak Gun
  • Torrent SR 8 Shotgun
  • Decloaking Device