On Sunday, Kristijan (Critical.Mechanism) asked me to join the Starcraft Chronicles CGI Team to run ends, call it PR or Community Manager.  Don’t know why, my grammar is horrible.  Kristijan emailed all the volunteers. They emailed me to get access to the temporary Team forum. I am building up the database holding the career, skills, position sought and contact details of each volunteer.  Once a project manager(s) is(are) chosen by Kristijan, the database will be given to start assigning tasks.  However, this is still few days off from happening.  Kristijan will be on vacations for two weeks. When he’s back things will start rolling.

For now, all the CGI Team members will be gathering reference links of top tutorials online.  The film experts in the team were asked to build custom tutorials as well to teach the less experienced. Next two weeks will be of new recruitments and tutorial endeavor, polishing skills and educating. Sounds like fun.

In the meantime, I will be showing non-CGI artwork samples to spotlight the work of the volunteers. First one is Mitch. He created this few years ago, and his skills have increased by far nowadays.  He was former Camelot Systems member.  Mitch has one year of Pro experience in Modeling/pre-Production, has worked on Software/Robotics, and is proficient with Lightwave, 3DSMAX, Maya, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and Modo.  Mitch will be guiding the team while Kristijan is out.

Note: Some rumors need to be straighten up. This CGI is not a Blizzplanet project. It is led by Kristijan Stuhli, known as Critical.Mechanism.  He invited me to join the team last Sunday … few days after I posted the news on Blizzplanet.  Currently running loose errands doing random Assistant, PR, Community Manager tasks. [Post a Comment]