WIldstorm has released preview images of Starcraft # 6 featuring Jim Raynor and the War Pigs. In this preview we learn that Jim Raynor and the leader of the War Pigs, Cole Hickson, met each other when they served different units during the Guild Wars. Cole Hickson saved Jim Raynor from a dirty situation, and a year later Raynor returned the favor.

If anything this sneak peek reveals a little bit of what Jim Raynor’s outlaw days before becoming a Confederate Marshall was, and very likely — don’t quote me on this — we might learn more about his Guild Wars adventures in the upcoming novel Starcraft: Heaven’s Devils.

Austin: Check out below for an exclusive preview of StarCraft #6 – where we find the War Pigs surrounded by Zerg and about to be incinerated by the Protoss. And things are going to get worse before they can possibly get better.

Simon Furman, Federico Dallocchio and Mike S. Miller are doing a bang-up job on the StarCraft ongoing. Are you guys checking it out?