Wildstorm Comics released preview scans of Starcraft # 5 and it doesn’t look good for the War Pigs. They land on Urona Sigma for clues on Jim Raynor’s location after hunting for him for weeks when suddenly they detect Sons of Korhal dropships. They sneak on foot wearing their Marine suits, but don’t see any sign of the dropships. Just land and sea miles around. Suddenly, they get a zerg rush with Mutalisks raining down on them.

When everything looked like they had the situation under control … yikes, zerglings, hydralisks and Ultralisks unburrow around the War Pigs, surrounding them. Will the War Pigs survive this unexpected ambush? I ain’t know, but when Hickson says: “Only one thing to do, only one way to go” — things look even grimmer. Is Nuura betraying the War Pigs, or is Hickson hiding something other than a secret beneath his scarred skin?

On a zerg-infested world, the War Pigs come face-to-face with Jim Raynor, but it’s becoming painfully clear that nothing is what it seems, least of all the man who brought them back together for this do-or-die mission