Starcraft # 4 just arrived home, with a couple of surprises.  The War Pigs continue their hunt for Jim Raynor throughout zerg-infested worlds.  Their informant, Denny Houston, died in issue # 3 before revealing which of these worlds to find him.  Extrapolating the worlds visited by their informant in the past three months, they arrive to Turfa Dei’s homeworld … Planet Agria. Hudderstown Colony.  August 13, 2502.

Agria is one of the planets we visited in our Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty single-player hands-on gameplay at Blizzard’s campus back on July 20th.  Fans had a shot at the single player at Blizzcon, PAX and GameCon too.  The other revelation about Turfa Dei is that he has a high Psi-Index.  In this issue, he was able to resist a Ghost sent by the Dominion, and sensed it.  That places Turfa Dei—one of the members of the War Pigs, as a free Wrangler.

Starcraft Ghost: Nova by Keith R.A. DeCandido introduced for first time the concept of a wrangler (categorized as a Psi-index 3.5), and the recent story War-Torn by Paul Benjamin and Dave Shramek in Starcraft: Frontline Vol. 3 made good use of another wrangler named Randall (awesome character on the chaotic-evil and cynical-sarcastic level).  It will be very useful for the War Pigs to have a wrangler among their own, able to sense nearby Ghosts, or resisting psi-attacks not only from ghosts, but … from Kerrigan and the Zerg?

It’s pretty good to see the comic book so early introducing planets and plots that tie-in with the Starcraft II single player, echoing Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson’s words of creating a cohesive universe across the licensed products and the game.

I am somewhat wondering why there was no solicitations for December.  I might have answer from DC Comics / Wildstorm on that soon. You can subscribe to the Starcraft Comic Book here

The War Pigs are getting closer and closer to hunting down renegade marshal Jim Raynor, but obstacles and internal conflict continue to muddy the mission waters. Far-from-gentle giant Turfa Dei confronts the ghosts of his past while the team faces off against present day ghosts—the Dominion’s elite and deadly.

Written by: Simon Furman
Art by: Federico Dallocchio and Brian Denham
Cover by: Federico Dallocchio
Variant cover by: Shawn Moll and Sandra Hope