The Medic has been removed after the Zerg Announcement and the Roach no longer attacks air units.  Blizzard wants your feedback.  Feel free to submit your suggestions and feedback concerning the medic here. If you do not have a forum account post on our forum

Dustin Browder:  It’s the “Medivac Dropship” and it’s something we have been playing with for a week or so. If we keep the mechanic, the art will get a going-over.

Here is the thinking:

Question: Reapers are fun and powerful but they are rarely built. Why?
Possible Answer: Since Medics can’t keep up with Reapers it’s safer and more effective to build more Marines. But a FLYING Medic, now that’s something that would be useful with both Marines and Reapers.

Issue: Medics aren’t something an enemy player can effectively counter. If you have a bunch of Medics then you are just harder to kill.
Possible Solve: Make the healing unit into a larger vehicle that can be effectively targeted.

There are a ton of issues that might kill this idea. Your heal is now much later in the game, the Terrans are even more air mobile now, etc. So far this one has been somewhat successful in our playtests, but we will see where it ultimately goes. Think about what it will do to and for gameplay and post your thoughts.=)

Remember that what you are hearing about is a “snap shot” of our game. The build that a few folks have had the chance to play was made last Thursday and it has ALREADY changed in a number of key ways (Zerg Base Defenses are no longer 1×1 for instance).

So basically we would love to hear your thoughts, but try not to freak out too much if you see something that bothers you. Things change a lot around here. =)