A fan asked at the official Starcraft 2 forums the following question: Can we expect a new graphical change to Starcraft 2 ? Will we have a kind of graphics change like there was with the SC1 pre-alpha / alpha/ beta ? – Swatyo@Uswest

Karune: I think you can expect changes. How much and how huge those changes are will be a matter of opinion.

The team has heard some feedback from the community that is concerned that the look of SC2 is too “colorful” and that more “realistic” color choices would be more in keeping with the original StarCraft. We saw a lot of these types of posts early on after we made the announcement.

I just spoke to Sam Didier (our Art Director) about this issue and he tells me that in order to make the units read well we have added A LOT of team color which really blows the units out and makes them look super-colored especially with the brighter colors (red, blue). The art team plans to take one or more passes over all the units in the game to try to balance out team color so it still works for game play but looks less bright and more in keeping with the original StarCraft. Changes to the over-all look to the game are always an option and the team is always tuning and trying to balance out the look of the game.