A Blizzplanet fan sent our way his eBay listing of a StarCraft II Antec DF-35 computer case mod won at BlizzCon. He’s in dire need of some extra cash to cost her daughter’s medical treatment.

This is a one of a kind custom Antec StarCraft II computer case won in a raffle at Blizzcon. On the side of the case is a picture of Kerrigan and Raynor. It is an Antec Dark Fleet DF-35 Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case, it has a “window” on the other side. It’s never been used as computer and is in perfect condition.

The money will go towards my daughters medical costs. She is the one in the picture.

thanks and good luck

Curious about this case, I visited the Antec website to learn more about its features:

Soaring above the competition

The DF-35 is a unique chassis – massively convenient, but in a swifter, lighter mid-tower size. It starts with the brilliant white LEDs set in variable-speed, knob-controlled Fleet-Release™ 120 mm access door fans. They open to allow rapid access to the DF-35’s 11 total drive bays and two Fleet-Swap™ modular SATA interfaces, in a blacked-out interior with cable routing. Two more SATA bays – one external hot-swappable bay on the front panel for convenience, and another floor-mounted inside for internal SSDs – round out the feature set. With full-tower capability and convenience and swift mid-tower size, the DF-35 is the paradox that performs.

  • Washable fan filters
  • Variable-speed fans
  • Discreet, intelligent lightning design
  • Longer second and third 5.25″ bays
  • Dedicated SSD mounting locations
  • Top 2.5″ hot-swap bay
  • Fleet-Release
  • Fleet-Swap