Blizzard Entertainment and Pocket Star Books will launch StarCraft: Ghost–Spectres on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

This new StarCraft novel introduces the background story of Spectre Ghost Gabriel Tosh. It seems some of the characters found in the StarCraft: Ghost Academy (Tokyopop) will make cameos — including Nova and Kath Toom. Chris Metzen said at San Diego Comic Con that StarCraft: Ghost Spectres is the novelization of StarCraft: Ghost (the postponed game). It’s definitely a must-have for those who hungered for the game.

Now — this is my opinion: Think of it as the Warcraft: Lord of the Clans of Warcraft Adventures — except Ghost was postponed, not cancelled. One day we might see StarCraft: Ghost the game. Most likely with a different storyline, more up-to-date with StarCraft II’s episodes.

Blizzplanet was scheduled to interview its author Nate Kenyon next week. We would like our visitors to submit questions about this novel after reading the two teasers below. You can submit your question by posting at the comments section (bottom), at our Facebook or via email. Eldorian will be on the phone with Nate Kenyon forwarding your questions. We’ll embed the interview soon so our visitors may listen to it.

Blizzard posted two StarCraft: Ghost Spectres teasers for those who wish to read a brief excerpt:

Order your copy of StarCraft: Ghost–Spectres (mass market paperback, Kindle, or Kindle PC available).