I have a few passions and hobbies. One is Blizzard Entertainment universes and all the novels, manga and licensed products. I love the lore. Another one is Marvel Comic Books since 1996 when I purchased my first X-Men title.

Nowadays, I no longer collect comic books. They take quite a lot of space after 1,000 issues. I go to the Marvel Digital Comics site to read the collections. Marvel currently has a “Point One” campaign with all titles showing a “.1” after the issue number. I was reading through Avengers (2010) # 12.1 when something Spiderman said cracked me up. Spiderman plays a level 27 Rogue World of Warcraft character.

Avengers (2010) # 12.1 (by Writer Brian Michael Bendis and Penciler Bryan Hitch) features a meeting between the Avengers and S.W.O.R.D. director Abigail Brand. Beast (X-Men) fills in Steve Rogers “aka Captain America” on what S.W.O.R.D. is. Steve Rogers asks Beast how he knows about it. Beast slips and reveals he is an agent of the organization (actually also Abigail’s boyfriend). Steve Rogers asks all Avengers if anyone else in the room is an agent of a clandestine specialized covert ops and forgot to bring it up to him.

Spider-man responds: “I’m a level 27 rogue in World of Warcraft. Does that count?”.

To coin an internet lingo: “ROFL”

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