Plunder Isle has been the Bloodsail Bucanneer pirates stronghold for nearly a decade.  It is ruled by Duke Falrevere.  These are the archenemies of the Blackwater Raiders Pirates in Booty Bay.  The Bloodsail are bad guys full of ruffians and assassins.

Little is known about Duke Falrevere except he was a former Lordaeron noble.  His wife’s fate is unknown—just that she was in Kul’Tiras.  His daughter, Jesse Falrevere, is commodore of the Bloodsail Buccaneers.  Duke lost his son Magrann Falrevere when a cannon shot by a Blackwater Raider ship sunk his ship.

Duke Falrevere was successful businessman who owned warships and merchant ships in Kul’Tiras.  He was a rival of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore.  There were major differences between both men. Duke was a human supremacist who did not believe in the alliance with elves and dwarves, or any other races.

During the Third War, a dwarf arrived on a gryphon and aboarded the Devil Shark (Duke’s main battleship) requesting help.  When the Devil Shark reached Drisburg on the north side of Kul’Tiras, he saw the Scourge raiding the place. The chances to win such a battle were not worth in his eyes. He wouldn’t sacrifice the lives of his men for mere gnomes and dwarves settled there.

He blamed the invasion of the Scourge and the destruction of most of Lordaeron to the elves and dwarves. Some of his men abandoned him to die for Lordaeron against the Scourge.  Others remained with him and shortly after built the Bloodsail Stronghold in Plunder Isle.

Personally, I’m not sure how canon this is, because in-game we see a few races have high ranking positions among the Bloodsail Buccaneers on the fleet found south of Booty Bay: Captain Stillwater (Gnome), Ironpatch (Orc), Garr Salthoof (Tauren), Captain Keelhaul (Goblin).  They have various warlocks that summon imps and succubus.  How much has the Bloodsail Buccaneers have fallen under the influence of the Burning Legion and dreadlords is not known.

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Duke has four Commodores: Commodore Jessi Falrevere, Commodore Lester Zank (Human Warlock), Commodore Wallace Boltscrew and Wallace’s lover Annetta Crank.  Both Wallace and Anneta are engineers and have built a small fleet of submarines to serve the Bloodsail Buccanners.

Duke plans one day to invade Kul’Tiras and become its new ruler.

Plunder Isle is found east of Isle of Kezan, and south of Zandalar Isle, and southwest of Booty Bay.  It’s a tropical isle with palm trees, and tropical forests, and rocky coasts.

The Bloodsail Hold is on the west coast of Plunder Isle.  The hold has cannons aiming to the sea to defend from any fleet attempting to invade their territory. On the east side of Plunder Isle, the coast has Murloc villages.

To the northeast, the Basilisks inhabit the Den of the Cold Eye, a series of caves.  Meeting their gaze has doomed many adventurers to become crystal stone statues.—summary from the pages of World of Warcraft: Lands of Mystery by White Wolf Publishing.

You may find in the pages of WarCraft Legends Vol. 4 (Tokyopop) a story by Dan Jolley—based on the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

Wouldn’t you love an all-out Bloodsail Buccaneers vs. Blackwater Raiders Battleground?  Imagine scripted NPCs offering daily quests that you must accomplish during your PvP encounters. You can either man Battleship cannons, fight old-Booty-Bay-PvP-style, maybe you could mount submarines like you do Siege Vehicles. While the submarine pilot can shoot torpedoes, another player in the same submarine could man a turret to shoot down any flying machines attacking the submarine.

You must take control of an Oil-Refinery. If you take control of the Shipyard, you can have access to new Battleships. Instead of killing the opposite faction leader, the aim of this battleground would be the first to annihilate the Bloodsail Buccaneers battleships wins the event. For that you would have to PvP your way to control the shipyards.

You also need to eliminate the opposing faction battleships, submarines and flying machines before they get to the Bloodsail Commodore. Who doesn’t love some Pirate battle action? World of Warcraft meets Pirates of the Caribbean.

Share with fans your own personal ideas about a Pirate-like Battleground. Let’s hear your creative ideas.