Simon Furman (StarCraft comics book, The Transformers) is attending Nordcon at Aalborg, Denmark, through 19–20 of June 2010.

There he has a couple of panels, one of which allows fans to throw questions live concerning his life, career and work. Make sure to ask questions about his 7-issues run on the StarCraft comic book, and the status of the upcoming StarCraft graphic novel.

For day one, on Saturday 19th, the doors officially open at 1:00pm. His panel starts at 2:40pm with a moderated Q&A.

On Sunday 20th, join his panel titled Simon Furman and how to go from script to finished page. It kicks in at 1:15pm.

When not doing any panels, feel free to drop by Simon Furman’s booth for autographs. Bring your StarCraft comic books.

Check out directions and location info.

Fælleshuset, Marie Curie Allé 60, 9220 Aalborg Øst, Denmark