Many fans will be glad to hear that Wildstorm announced at the San Diego Comic Con 2009 that a new Horde title will be launched to complement the World of Warcraft comic book series which is focused on the point of view of King Varian Wrynn.  Walter Simonson’s arc will come to a wrap up in issue # 25—which will trigger the split of the World of Warcraft comic book into two titles with the new Horde title spinoff hitting newsstands on January 2010.

Not much details have been revealed beyond that, but as always, I will reach my contacts to find out more.  Stay tuned for relevant updates.

A few months ago, at the New York Comic Con 2009 (February), I asked Walter Simonson and Louis Simonson if there would be a new Horde-focused title.  You can watch our video interview to see how they dodged somewhat the question.

On the Starcraft Comic Book side, Simon Furman revealed three known heroes from the universe setting will appear soon to interact with the War Pigs mercenaries: Jim Raynor, Kerrigan the Queen of Blades and Starcraft: Ghost Nova.

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