San Diego Comic Con: Possible Blizzard Products GuessCraft

The San Diego Comic Con will kick in through June 22-25 at the San Diego Convention Center. No press releases or news have been released obviously as any potential new Blizzard licensed product (if any) will be unveiled at the show floor.

Wildstorm Comics

The World of Warcraft comic book was revealed at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con a few years ago by Chris Metzen, Micky Neilson and Jim Lee. It was yours-truly who published the existence of an upcoming comic book a week before DC Comics unleashed their press release announcing it, by unleashing a leaked World of Warcraft # 0 Sampler.

The World of Warcraft comic book ended with the World of Warcraft Special # 1, but with the promise that Wildstorm would relaunch it in Graphic Novel format. San Diego Comic Con is the perfect platform to make the announcement of a release date and teasers of the upcoming World of WarCraft and StarCraft Graphic Novels.

Sideshow Collectibles

While there haven’t been anything showing up in my radar, about a year and a half ago, I asked the Sideshow Collectibles president if there would be any new Warcraft, Starcraft or Diablo dioramas. He said live in the chat that there were plans, but for now they would focus on the Warcraft franchise. It took them about a year to show the painted Diablo III Overthrown Diorama after showing the unpainted version. So, if the calendar schedule is a clue, they should announce something anytime by now. San Diego Comic Con could be a good place to start teasing a new Blizzard licensed product. Time will tell.


J!NX announced they will be at San Diego Comic Con. Blizzard folks are likely attending the event as they did in times past. I could foresee the 2010 WoW T-shirts Summer Sale line-up, and to celebrate the StarCraft II release date, a brand-new T-shirt. Only time will tell how close my 8-ball is.

DC Unlimited

These folks unveiled the Arthas the Lich King action figure at the 2010 New York Toy Fair. I attended the place, but too late when they were packing their stuff [smashes forehead into a nearby wall].

The guys didn’t want to unpack them for me, but I do know they showed a prototype StarCraft action figures and didn’t allow people to take photos of them. That was back on February 2010. Could they unveil the Starcraft II Action Figures and the Lich King one at San Diego Comic Con? [8-ball shake and rub] … maybe.

Cryptozoic Entertainment

This is a new company that surfaced a few months ago, deeply tied with Blizzard Entertainment and the World of Warcraft TCG after Upper Deck got their license expired.

As you can see at their website, they post updates quite often, and wish to grow the hype. San Diego Comic Con and BlizzCon are two potential targets to make some announcements about future TCG expansions and starter packs. I am not so certain on this one, but it’s a possibility.


This company is definitely among my favorites, along with Pocket Books. Both companies are very-very supportive and trigger-happy to provide me with the latest details, preview scans, front covers sneak peek, and interviews, or general information, or to bridge approvals between Blizzard and us.

Tokyopop’s latest Blizzard manga were World of Warcraft: Death Knight, World of Warcraft: Mage; and World of Warcraft: Dragons of Outland.

Personally, I would love to see more manga based in the three franchises. Sadly, I haven’t heard any announcements about their attendance to the San Diego Comic Con or announcements of any new Blizzard manga. I really hope they show up there. [8-ball shake and rub] … unlikely. But we still have BlizzCon to hope for, eh?

Stay tuned, for any hot news coming our way because the 2010 San Diego Comic Con starts in less than 18-hours, and many things are possible to happen, such as new Blizzard licensed products.

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