Favorite StarCraft II voice actor Robert Clotworthy is auctioning 10 copies of the StarCraft Premium Series 1: Jim Raynor Action Figure. He signed and numbered each of these ten action figures.

All revenue from your auction will be donated to the charity organization of your choice. Pretty nice deal.

This auction ends on Mar 26, 201200:01:49 PDT. Starting bids: $50

      My name is Robert Clotworthy and since 1998 I have been the voice of Jim Raynor in the iconic video game StarCraft.

      I have decided to dust off 10 Terran Outlaw Jim Raynor Series 1 Collector Action Figures from my personal collection and auction each one with the profits going to charity.

      Each one will be signed by me and numbered. I will also include a personalized note of authenticity written on a Jim Raynor wanted poster note pad.

      This is a limited offer Marines, I am only going to sign and number ten of these. And this is for #1 in the series.

      Even though it pains me to say it, I am not limiting this to Terran players only. Protoss players may bid and I will hold my nose and even accept bids from Zerg.

      This auction is open to everyone, not just limited to fans in the US. I will even ship to Char or Mar Sara if the winning bidder is willing to pay shipping.

      So break out your wallets StarCraft fans, this is the opportunity to own something truly unique and send some money to charity.

      As Jimmy says in Wings of Liberty, “Some things are just worth fighting for.”

      Raiders Roll!

      Robert Clotworthy