Today Rob Pardo teased on his Twitter page that Blizzard Entertainment is currently putting together the gear and springs to clock in the next World of Warcraft expansion pack after Mists of Pandaria.

Rob Pardo: Its been pretty fun getting deeply involving with WOW again. The next expansion is going to be awesome 🙂



Based on Wrathion’s portrayal of the future during his questline one can determine the Burning Legion might be a potential topic for the next expansion. During the Mists of Pandaria launch party, Chris Metzen said onstage there were plans for either Turalyon or Alleria in the next expansion. Both Warcraft II heroes were last seen in Outland in the Christie Golden/Aaron Rosenberg co-written novel, World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal**, when the world of Draenor was being torn apart.

It’s rumored they escaped through one of the portals opened by Ner’zhul, but there’s no definite answer to their whereabouts.

**Note: The novel is included in the World of Warcraft: Chronicles of War paperback.